Club secretary Andy Coupland, who has previously been a coach, has this season played an instrumental part in the creation of the ground-breaking and historic first-ever girls’ team.


When did you join the Ackworth Juniors’ coaching staff?

I joined in 2008, coaching the Under 8s – right the way through to (Under 13s) in 2013.


Are you left or right-footed?



Which football team do you support?

Hull City.


Who is the best player you’ve ever seen wearing your favourite club’s colours?

The Brazilian forward, Geovanni. The former Barcelona ace played for us during the 2008/09 Premier League season. I remember he scored a belter against Arsenal from 25 yards out when we won 1-2 at Highbury, then if he didn’t go and score a screamer at Tottenham the following week, this time from over 30 yards!


Favourite footballer of all-time and why?

Gazza (Paul Gascoigne) – everything about him – he was cheeky and the skill he possessed was unbelievable. A true character of the game.


What is the best match you’ve ever watched (not on telly – and on telly) and why?

Hull City’s goalless draw against Manchester United this season (2016/17) it was a defensive master-class! We simply showed United how to defend that day. On the telly – Germany 1 England 5 (World Cup qualifier) – back in 2001 remember it just like yesterday, beating Germany on their own turf!


What’s your favourite football ground that you’ve visited and why?

Home Park – Plymouth Argyle, I’ve watched Hull City play there twice. The people and the supporters in the town are just so friendly.


Bovril – yes or no?

No – childhood memories of being fished out a pond after feeding the ducks and not letting go of the bread. The park-keeper gave me some Bovril afterwards to warm me up, never again!


Do you have any Ackworth Juniors pre-match superstitions – lucky socks etc?

No, but when I was a navigator in rally cars I always wore odd socks.


Favourite chocolate – Mars Bar, Twix or Snickers?

Any, although my favourite has to be a Wispa.


Which sports person do you admire the most outside of football and why?

Colin McRae (RIP), He could have got a tune out of a Morrison’s shopping trolley he was that fast. Cars, bikes anything he was awesome and is sadly missed by the world of motorsport.

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